News and Events

  • June 2022: Marvell Studies 7.1 has just been published and is a special issue on “Mourning.” Kevin Laam examines Marvell’s poem through the lens of anti-mourning, so as to highlight its critique of the transactional nature of elegy. Stephen Spencer reads “Mourning” alongside Marvell’s elegy for Francis Villiers, and finds in the later poem a suspicion of the misogyny that attends Cavalier joy. Diana Wise examines the poem’s self-sufficient eroticism, derived from its evocation of a physical (and not merely metaphorical) water cycle. And Blaine Greteman refocuses readerly and critical attention on the “Indian slaves” who dive for pearls and the whiteness of the concluding stanza’s silent judgment. This issue also includes a note from Nicholas von Maltzahn on the source of a heretofore obscure (and scatological) Latin quotation in Mr. Smirke.
  • January 2022: My essay on catastrophe and vegetal growth in country house poems, “Managed Catastrophe: Problem-Solving and Rhyming Couplets in the Seventeenth-Century Country House Poem,” has just appeared in a special issue of The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies on Forms of Catastrophe (edited by Shannon Gayk and Evelyn Reynolds). The article explores how central features of this poetic tradition, procatalepsis and the rhyming couplet, place readers in the position of estate managers, but also challenge the notion that practical problem-solving can save us from catastrophe, ecological or otherwise.