News and Events

  • November 2019: The most recent issue of Marvell Studies (vol. 4, no. 2) has appeared. It contains essays by Stephen Spencer (on the political valences of weeping, especially Cromwell’s weeping, for revolutionary Protestants), and Adam Patrick Strömbergsson-DeNora (on Neoplatonic love as a political principle in the Mower poems and “The Definition of Love”). In addition, this issue contains a review of Melissa Schoenberger’s Cultivating Peace. The Virgilian Georgic in English, 1650-1750.
  • March 2019: “This is Money,” my review essay on Scott Ferguson’s Declarations of Dependence, has just appeared in Provocations. Ferguson’s book argues that the austerity and atomization characteristic of the classical definition of money stem from Duns Scotus’ notion of haecceity (“thisness”) and its challenge to Thomism’s creative abundance. It also argues that Modern Monetary Theory gives art the capacity to do more than compensate for capitalism’s rapaciousness (as in the formula “money enslaves, but art saves”).