News and Events

  • October 2018: A new issue of Marvell Studies (vol. 3, no. 2) has just appeared. It includes essays by Joan Faust and Laura Seymour, a short article by Nicholas von Maltzahn, and reviews of books by George Klawitter and A.D. Cousins, as well as a collection of essays edited by Matthew Augustine and Steven Zwicker.
  • January 2018: My essay on Andrew Marvell’s verse satire and the nature of value, “Literalizing Value: Poetry, Evaluation, and the Market in Marvell’s ‘The Last Instructions,'” appeared in Marvell Studies.
  • September 2017: My essay on Andrew Marvell’s “The Garden,” “Sameness and the Poetics of Non-Relation,” appeared in the most recent issue of PMLA. It examines the relationship between creativity and subtraction in Marvell’s verse and forms part of my current project on value and exchange in seventeenth-century lyric.
  • August 2017: Milton’s Modernities, edited by Feisal Mohamed and Patrick Fadely, was published by Northwestern University Press. It includes my essay, “Learning from History: Empiricism, Likeness, and Liberty in Paradise Lost, Books 11-12.” There’s also a promotional flyer that includes a discount code for the paperback edition.